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Build your Own

OpenTrack is completely open-source under the AGPL, so feel free to build, program, and modify your own!


PCB design files are available on the Mercurial repository for the project here: Hardware repository. Schematic design and PCB layout were done in Eagle. Our board is small enough that the free version of Eagle is adequate for editing.

We recommend OSH Park for fabrication.


A BOM of current components is not available, but you can easily export a BOM from Eagle and source your own components. We hope to have Mouser and DigiKey BOMs posted in the near future.


Most soldering is surface-mount. The smallest component is 0603 which allows for easy hand soldering if necessary. There are over 100 components on the Master PCB, so expect to spend some time soldering!


You will need any standard AVR programmer to program our boards. Our code was developed in Atmel Studio 6, so we would recommend using a standard Atmel programmer (Dragon, ISP MKII, etc) with Atmel Studio to program. Alternatively, you can write a makefile and program with avrdude and any supported 3rd party programmer. You may download our source code from the firmware repository.

Supplemental Links

GPS Programming

After you assemble your master PCB, you will need to program your GPS. First, make a JST cable or solder wires to the GPS connector on the motherboard. Next, connect a USB to TTL serial adapter to the GPS pins.

Place a jumper over the GND and RST pins on the ICSP header to put the microcontroller in reset (so all pins are held in high-Z). Next, plug the USB to serial adapter into your computer and launch u-center.

Use the configuration menu to set the GPS's baud rate to 115,200 and configure the module to only send GGA and RMC messages. Next, change the GPS's settings to optimize for an airborne platform. Then, go to the configuration submenu of the configuration dialog and save all settings to EEPROM. See the u-center documentation for more information.

You may now remove your GPS programming cable; your GPS is ready to use.

Desktop Application

UI repository - View and download desktop app source code

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