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New Product: CANable Pro – Isolated USB to CAN Adapter

The CANable Pro is a low-cost fully isolated USB to CAN adapter. Connect to any CAN2.0A/B network without worrying about common mode offset, ground noise, or damaging your computer! The CANable Pro is open-source hardware that is manufactured in the

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Downloading wget Without wget: Use bash

There are many ways to download and install wget without having wget itself installed. For example, one can use curl, a sort of competitor to wget, or a package manager with libfetch or some other library-level downloader integrated (such as

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Insurgency: Access your linux box from anywhere

The problem: you have a computer sitting behind a firewall. You want to access it from a different location, but you don’t have the ability to forward any ports to it. The answer: SSH tunneling.

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Idea: Powerline-networked Outlets/Switches

With the advent of powerline LAN from various manufacturers for a steadily decreasing price, designing network-connected products becomes much easier. Once the price of hardware for powerline networking drops due to wide acceptance, some standard “dumb” appliances and pieces of

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