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The CANable USB to CAN adapter is now cheaper and back in stock!

The CANable open-hardware USB to CAN adapter is now back in stock! You can order directly from the Protofusion Tindie store. I dropped the price to $25, making the CANable an even more affordable way to interface with the CANbus.

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Idea: Powerline-networked Outlets/Switches

With the advent of powerline LAN from various manufacturers for a steadily decreasing price, designing network-connected products becomes much easier. Once the price of hardware for powerline networking drops due to wide acceptance, some standard “dumb” appliances and pieces of

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Using a DRAC II on CentOS 5

This post chronicles my adventures trying to get a DRAC II card operational on my poweredge 4300 server running CentOS 5. This post also applies to most other linux distros, especially redhat-based distros. I will also document setting up remote

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Quick Tip: Quieting computer fans

Does your computer sound like a supersonic jet somehow hovering directly over your workspace? Does your computer make odd scraping noises, often accompanied by random crashes? Check out this [protofusion] quick tip.

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