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Open Hardware Pogo-Pin Programmer

The ProtoProg is a small open source hardware pogo pin programming solution. The ProtoProg does not need a physical connector on the board, it uses surface-mount pads for signals and thru-holes for alignment. Two standard footprints are available, the smallest of

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MNL: Networked LED Lighting

MNL is a multi-node high-power RGB lighting system. It consists of a controller (PC or embedded system) and multiple light nodes networked with RS485. The first prototype nodes are up and running, and we will be developing the second revision

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The OSRAM SLG2016 and AVR

I happened to scavenge a couple of SLG2016’s from some old workstation debug displays. After finally locating a datasheet, I realized that they used the standard ASCII charset, so they are extremely easy to drive. Note: The SLG2016 differs from

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