Luma 4.1

Luma is a high-power RGB LED driver (supporting up to 1A/channel at up to 36v). Luma nodes communicate over the RS485 bus, which means you can daisy chain nodes together over a distance of up to 4,000 feet! These driver boards are great for powering individual high-power LEDs and LED strips, especially in medium to large permanent installations.

Each Luma node is individually addressable, and you can send nodes commands for various color fade modes:

  • SmartFade Mode: fade to color, fade to black when idle
  • Dwell Mode: jump to color, fade to black when idle
  • Static Mode: jump to color
  • Strobe Mode: flash color at a specified rate

You can tweak each mode with options such as fade speed, ramp rate, strobe rate, and other configuration options. These options are changed by simply sending a command to the node(s).


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TriFet Motor Driver

The TriFet is a 3-nMOS one direction motor driver rated for up to 60A of continuous current. This motor driver is perfect driving high-current solenoids, motors, small electric vehicles, and other high current switching applications. I have released this design as open-source hardware, feel free to modify and fabricate it yourself!

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SlatePermutate is a PHP and JavaScript-driven interface for entering and permutating a schedule of classes, with multiple sections per class. The interface is currently functional (for the most part), and the name is kinda random at this point.

Author: Nathan Gelderloos
Entry frontend by Ethan Zonca
Additional work by Nathan Phillip Brink (binki)

You may start building your schedule at the official SP deployment:

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ZonCoffee is an Arduino sketch created for the purpose of espresso machine temperature regulation. The sketch reads the temperature with a thermocouple, and uses the temperature to control the boiler temperature with a PID loop. ZonCoffee also includes support for a SparkFun serial LCD and a rotary encoder for input. View the source.

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Irrigate is a custom irrigation controller created with the Arduino platform. It features a real-time clock for scheduling of water times, support for soil moisture sensing, and a pushbutton encoder UI. This project is still under heavy development, but moisture threshold watering works well at the moment.

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HonestBot is an IRC bot that uses a wiki as a “brain”. If HonestBot parses a line of text from a chat room that matches the title of a page in the backend wiki, it responds with the contents of the wiki article. Commands can be prefixed if needed, but are not by default. HonestBot ignores most punctuation, exclamation and question marks. Talk to HonestBot in irc://, view the source, or check out HonestBot’s wiki.

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