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Open Hardware USB to RS485 Adapter

While developing the Luma RS485-networked LED driver we discovered a need for a small and inexpensive USB to RS485 adapter. We designed an adapter with a FTDI basic UART chip (FT230XS) and an inexpensive TI differential receiver (SN75176). Our small

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BeagleBone Black and DTC

Arch Linux ARM currently includes an unpatched version of dtc (device tree compiler) which lacks the “@” option. If you want to enable additional UARTs, SPI, I2C, or just use GPIO without recompiling the bootloader, you need a patched version

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Open Hardware Pogo-Pin Programmer

The ProtoProg is a small open source hardware pogo pin programming solution. The ProtoProg does not need a physical connector on the board, it uses surface-mount pads for signals and thru-holes for alignment. Two standard footprints are available, the smallest of

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PicoBuck RGB LED Driver

The PicoBuck is a small and inexpensive 3-channel LED driver. It employs constant-current buck driving which approaches an efficiency of 95% (theoretical). Now available from SparkFun Electronics!

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Luma Node Development

Development has started on the next version of the Luma RS485 high-power RGB LED driver node. The new Luma node will include a constant-current buck LED driver, PCB-mount LED, temperature sensor, 16MHz crystal,  and many other new hardware features–all in

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TriFet Motor Driver

The TriFet is a 3-nMOS one direction motor driver rated for up to 60A of continuous current. This motor driver is perfect driving high-current solenoids, motors, small electric vehicles, and other high current switching applications. I have released this design

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Project Updates

Want to receive project update emails every once in a while when we release updates to ProtoFusion projects? Send an email to or drop a comment and I’ll add you to the list. Once our newsletter is properly configured,

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Maker Faire Detroit ’12

Check out the ProtoFusion booth at the Detroit Maker Faire on July 28-29 at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI! We’ll be showing off our Luma music-synchronized lighting nodes and our inexpensive PID system for espresso machines.

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MNL Updates

Luma Node Revision 3 Luma high-power RGB controller boards just got back from the fab, and we’ve populated and tested the first of the boards. The new boards include a 3-pin fan connector (power, ground, and tach) as well as

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A2 Mini Maker Faire

We had a great time at the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire this weekend exhibiting our music-synced networked lighting system (with some pretty awesome last-minute paper cone diffusers). Want to learn more about the project? Check out our latest project

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