RJ-45 Breakout

RJ-45 Breakout Board

Commonly confused with RJ-45, the 8P8C connector is generally used for ethernet, telephone, and serial communication-type applications. The RJ-45 Breakout board breaks out an 8P8C connector into screw terminals for easy access while prototyping projects. The small form factor and mounting holes make it flexible enough to be placed almost anywhere, and the design can be fabricated for less than $5. Additionally, populating the optional LED/resistor combination provides a power indicator when voltage is applied across pins 1 and 0.

Use ethernet cables to connect components of a project and send I/O signals or serial communications between nodes, adding extensibility and modularity to any design. This breakout board would also work well in conjunction with our USB to RS485 Adapter.

RJ-45 Breakout Board


Matthew is a computer engineer who enjoys designing hardware for embedded control systems. His hobbies include photography, gardening, coffee, and anything DIY.

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4 comments on “RJ-45 Breakout
  1. Robert says:

    Where can I buy it ? If you are running the online shop then what your price is ?


    • Matthew Reed says:


      We are not currently selling this board. However, it can be easily reproduced using the provided source files and some quick soldering.

  2. jim jewell says:

    did you move the source files? im getting an error 404 on both the eagle File and the Gerber. id really like to see what it takes to build this. i love the small form factor. and less than 5$ each?? love it.

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