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Archlinux is quite a popular distribution among the geekier crowd of GNU/Linux users. I understand that Ubuntu is the most popular GNU/Linux distribution in general. It may supposedly fit the needs of the populace, but that attempt to support getting grandma on the keyboard is the reason that this distro is unattractive to us geeks ;-).

As a Gentoo user, I value the ability to compile and install things from source. Yet I don’t want the messiness of a completely manual “distribution” such as LFS. Yet I feel like I’m missing out of a big chunk of the GNU/Linux experience when I have to tell people that I’ve only ever used Gentoo. Also, if one wants to make his package available from multiple distributions, he may find more success if he is able to facilitate creation of the binary packages for these other distributions.

Thus, I have committed sys-apps/pacman into Sunrise. I still have to get permission to commit a few fixes (hopefully by tomorrow). Also, archlinux’s take on mirrorselect, reflector, has been committed but awaits review. When these things get through, the following may actually be worth something:

I have attempted to write a guide to setting up an archlinux chroot on Gentoo. Don’t actually try the guide until about a week from now, when my stuff clears review, of course ;-). However, in the meantime, I would gladly accept:

  • Technical criticisms
  • (if you are tommy[d], please ignore the following) Alerts about the misuse of the apostrophe or general grammatical problems
  • Documentation storage format suggestions — I suppose it would be a good exercise for me to learn docbook someday. Should I start now?

I'm known as ohnobinki or just binki. I'm a Gentoo user/developer who likes to break software buildsystems. Sorry, I'm a GNU emacs user too. I like to fiddle with ebuilds and C programs. I wrote difffilter to help wrangle unified diffs.

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