ridik: libtool-archives

Gentoo devs: These libtool archive files are so frustrating!

Me: I think today is a good a day as any to run $ rm /usr/lib*/*.la ; bug 293921

Gentoo devs: Those things are important! (but they can be quite a hassle)
bug 293921. I’m afraid that I’ve misrepresented flameeyes to some people and even vapier feels he needs to qualify my overly-general statements :-/. But I have a lot of respect for tommy, who insists that ltdl.la isn’t a good idea. But for the sake of portage-multilib, he’s wavering a little ;-).

I'm known as ohnobinki or just binki. I'm a Gentoo user/developer who likes to break software buildsystems. Sorry, I'm a GNU emacs user too. I like to fiddle with ebuilds and C programs. I wrote difffilter to help wrangle unified diffs.

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