Ramblings: The Complacency of Modern Education

The time is fall. Students anxiously return to out-of-home dwellings to obtain instruction on various topics dependent upon the nature of the student. Despite the subject’s probable interest to a student, their educations rarely motivate them. This lack of motivation stems not only from the need for “entertainment” in education but from an overall lack of interest in the topic at hand.

Primarily in a middle school or high school setting, course conflicts and credit requirements restrict students’ choices of classes pertaining to their interests. Over the past few years, the United States’ educational system has failed to adapt to the rapidly evolving breed of students learning at Government-funded establishments. To promote interest and involvement in curricular activities, schools should provide a wide variety of courses that appeal to incoming generations of students. Educational institutions must allow students to focus their studies by allowing homogeneous course choices.

Who can prove that a rich Liberal Arts education is actually worth a student’s time and money?

Ethan is a computer engineer and open source hardware/software developer from Michigan. He enjoys AVR and linux development, photography, mountain biking, and drinking significant amounts of home-roasted coffee. Find out more at ethanzonca.com.

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