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Low Cost DIY Photobooth

Photobooths are popular at many types of social events, including weddings, birthday parties, and school dances. However, renting one can easily cost upwards of $1000, making them impractical for many events. So when a friend mentioned wanting one for her

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Protofusion at Maker Faire Detroit

If you’re in the Detroit area this weekend, check out the Protofusion booth at Maker Faire Detroit! This year we will be indoors so all of our lighting will be much more visible. We’ll have our new Luma nodes up

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MNL Updates

Luma Node Revision 3 Luma high-power RGB controller boards just got back from the fab, and we’ve populated and tested the first of the boards. The new boards include a 3-pin fan connector (power, ground, and tach) as well as

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PCB Desktop Background

Want a nice hearty printed circuit board desktop background? Well, here you go (right-click, save as). The PCB is an older Arduino NG board placed on top of one of our 10W MNLC lighting nodes (still under development, more information

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tinyRGB – an i2c LED driver

tinyRGB is a minimalist blinkM-compatible high-current i2c RGB LED controller consisting of only 10 basic components. The board is small and inexpensive, can be fabricated for as little as $1/board, and can easily be assembled by hand with a total

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RGB Multi-Node Lighting

This project uses the open-source i2c RGB LED controller firmware “cyz_rgb” to create a modular high-power lighting network. The network is controlled by an Arduino, which scans the network for nodes controls them autonomously with onboard scripts, manually via serial

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