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Configuring BOPM for TorDNSEL

Background If you have a working BOPM installation, you are trying to prevent abuses of your IRC network effected through anonymity services such as proxies. BOPM has built-in support for scanning for open proxies. It also has support for looking

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The Virtues of Circumcensoring

Throughout the history of the internet, chat rooms and forums have grown exponentially. Many people in these chat rooms were annoyed at the use of explicit language, so administrators implemented censoring of inappropriate words.Censoring, as originally implemented, resulted in a

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Quick Tip: Quit Messages in IRC

Ever exited out of IRC without telling people why? Don’t know how to tell people why you’re leaving? Then you need to use quit messages. Really. It’s just annoying to see people randomly leave with no reasoning.

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IRC via Telnet

Ever wanted to get on IRC without a client on the command line? Well you can, and it’s pretty easy, using IRC’s protocol syntax. All you need is a box with or without X, the telnet program (included by default

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