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Gaggia Classic Seamless PID Upgrade

The ability to make good espresso is one of the most coveted skills in the coffee world. The rich body and complex flavor profile of a well-made shot brings the beans to life with a depth that other brewing methods

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Local Restaurants: The Ann Arbor Experience

Ann Arbor is known for its¬†exceptional selection of local restaurants, but picking a place to try can be overwhelming. Here is a short list of my favorite places to eat in town that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Gaggia Classic Disassembly and Cleaning

I recently purchased a used Gaggia Classic machine on Amazon. After realizing that it was not as “lightly used” as the seller denoted, I took apart the entire machine to clean it up. I’ve written this guide as a teardown

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ZonCoffee v3 PCB

The first prototype ZonCoffee v3 boards have arrived and are nearly up and running. I’m currently porting the code over to Arduino 1.0, as this board uses the Arduino Leonardo bootloader.¬†Read on past the break for more info on the

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ZonCoffee PCB

The ZonCoffee espresso PID controller board has been fabbed!

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ZonCoffee .2 Released

ZonCoffee is a full-featured PID controller package for Arduino, customized for use with espresso machines. ZonCoffee is written in Processing/Wiring, and includes some code from Tim Hirzel‘s BBCC project.

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EC155 PID with Arduino

This is a build log of my PID modification to my DeLonghi EC155 espresso machine. Currently, the machine uses an Arduino to drive a solid-state relay controlling the heating coil. The Arduino displays mode and temperature on a serial lcd,

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Delonghi EC155 Resources

A few people have asked some questions about the EC155 tamper size, replacement frothing wands, etc. I’ll keep updating this page with answers to common questions.

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Depressurizing the EC155 Portafilter

The DeLonghi EC155 is a fairly well-built consumer pump espresso machine. It ships with a pressurized portafilter of a non-standard diameter, so finding a non-pressurized replacement is challenging. Instead of purchasing a new portafilter, depressurizing the EC-155’s portafilter is extremely

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