Luma 4.1

Luma is a high-power RGB LED driver (supporting up to 1A/channel at up to 36v). Luma nodes communicate over the RS485 bus, which means you can daisy chain nodes together over a distance of up to 4,000 feet! These driver boards are great for powering individual high-power LEDs and LED strips, especially in medium to large permanent installations.

Each Luma node is individually addressable, and you can send nodes commands for various color fade modes:

  • SmartFade Mode: fade to color, fade to black when idle
  • Dwell Mode: jump to color, fade to black when idle
  • Static Mode: jump to color
  • Strobe Mode: flash color at a specified rate

You can tweak each mode with options such as fade speed, ramp rate, strobe rate, and other configuration options. These options are changed by simply sending a command to the node(s).

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