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Luma Node Development

Development has started on the next version of the Luma RS485 high-power RGB LED driver node. The new Luma node will include a constant-current buck LED driver, PCB-mount LED, temperature sensor, 16MHz crystal,¬† and many other new hardware features–all in

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TriFet Motor Driver

The TriFet is a 3-nMOS one direction motor driver rated for up to 60A of continuous current. This motor driver is perfect driving high-current solenoids, motors, small electric vehicles, and other high current switching applications. I have released this design

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MNL Updates

Luma Node Revision 3 Luma high-power RGB controller boards just got back from the fab, and we’ve populated and tested the first of the boards. The new boards include a 3-pin fan connector (power, ground, and tach) as well as

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Gaggia Classic Disassembly and Cleaning

I recently purchased a used Gaggia Classic machine on Amazon. After realizing that it was not as “lightly used” as the seller denoted, I took apart the entire machine to clean it up. I’ve written this guide as a teardown

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Arduino Leonardo – Interrupts

As of Arduino 1.0, interrupts are not supported on the Arduino Leonardo. I’m working on a project using the atmega32u4 with the Arduino IDE which needs interrupt support for both software serial and frequency counting, so I investigated ways to

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ZonCoffee v3 PCB

The first prototype ZonCoffee v3 boards have arrived and are nearly up and running. I’m currently porting the code over to Arduino 1.0, as this board uses the Arduino Leonardo bootloader.¬†Read on past the break for more info on the

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Repairing a Sigma 24-70 EX Lens

I acquired a free Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 lens that had a few issues–namely, autofocus was broken and the zoom was incredibly hard to turn. After using the lens in full manual for a while, I determined that I would attempt

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DIY Cheap Reservoir Irrigation

When you’re trying to grow a bunch of plants in a field where a water source is lacking, things can be a bit tough. Hauling water on-site is a very arduous process, even with a tractor/trailer full of buckets. After

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MNL: Networked LED Lighting

MNL is a multi-node high-power RGB lighting system. It consists of a controller (PC or embedded system) and multiple light nodes networked with RS485. The first prototype nodes are up and running, and we will be developing the second revision

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tinyRGB – an i2c LED driver

tinyRGB is a minimalist blinkM-compatible high-current i2c RGB LED controller consisting of only 10 basic components. The board is small and inexpensive, can be fabricated for as little as $1/board, and can easily be assembled by hand with a total

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