Delonghi EC155 Resources

A few people have asked some questions about the EC155 tamper size, replacement frothing wands, etc. I’ll keep updating this page with answers to common questions.

Tamper Size

The EC155 uses a 52mm tamper (about 2 inches), and some guys over at coffeegeek have had success with the RSVP Terry’s Tamper, which weighs in at a mere $7. Note that this tamper is 50mm rather than 52mm, so it won’t fit the basket perfectly. If you’re looking for something a bit nicer, check out Coffee Compliments’ aluminum tamper ($17). They also offer all of their other tampers in the 52mm size, although they are all upwards of $17.

Frothing Wand

I’ve been looking around for a suitable replacement tip and/or wand for the EC155, and I’ve stumbled on a decent solution (thanks to people in this thread). Head over to your local hardware store or Home Depot and purchase a M6 x 1.0 acorn nut (stainless steel). Drill a 1/16″ hole in the tip, I drilled from the inside of the nut using a drill press and some 3-in-one. After drilling the hole, get a larger bit and drill from the other side  to remove burrs. Be sure to wash thoroughly before use! The tip seems to work quite well, although I think a smaller hole could improve performance.

Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve found a tip or wand that fits. For more information, check out this thread on coffeegeek.

Frothing Pitcher

I’ve found that a 12oz pitcher seems to work best size-wise with the EC155. The 12oz pitcher is also short enough to allow milk frothing with an acorn nut tip, without a steam wand extension. This pitcher (~$14)  is similar to the one I use. There are also cheaper options, but it’s nice to have a sturdy pitcher with a spout.

You can also get a cheap ($10) or more expensive ($14) frothing thermometer, or you can just use a cheap meat thermometer (which works well, although it won’t clip on your pitcher nicely).


I’ve been unable to find much information about usable baskets for the EC155, but some people have had luck with some of the baskets listed below.

Portafilter/Basket Dimensions

I made the following measurements with digital calipers, so they should be fairly accurate:

  • Portafilter inner diameter: 54.6mm at top, narrows to 51.2mm at bottom
  • Stock double basket
    • Outer diameter: 54.0mm at widest point, narrowing to 49.0mm
    • Inner diameter: 52.8mm

Shot Glasses/Carafes

Since the EC155 has very little clearance under the portafilter, you can’t pull shots into a mug (unless you remove the drip tray, which is quite awkward). These double-walled thermo-glasses work very well, but any vessel shorter than the 2″ will work just fine.


Ethan is a computer engineer and open source hardware/software developer from Michigan. He enjoys AVR and linux development, photography, mountain biking, and drinking significant amounts of home-roasted coffee. Find out more at

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34 comments on “Delonghi EC155 Resources
  1. Delchi says:

    I just ordered an EC155–Thanks for the helpful info!

  2. androidmert says:

    Lots of good info on your site, thanks alot. For the basket i’ve found this one: Delonghi Part Number: 606348.I will order it from, it’s only 5.72+shipping.I was told it fits to EC155, will let you know if it fits.

    • lbguy says:

      androidmert – How did the 606348 basket mod workout? Thats a double shot right.

    • Nick says:

      I also ordered 606348, I’ll let you know how it works.
      For your information, I previously bought 607706 as some forums suggested. It does indeed fit into the portafilter handle, however it holds way too much ground coffee (at least 3 scoops from the spoon that came with the DeLonghi) for a descent double.
      I also ordered a Krups two-cup, id MS-090716 which I heard fits as well. I will let you know which works the best.

    • lbguy says:

      Thats great info Nick . I have been trying to decide between the 606348 and 607706. I did not even know about the Krups basket. There really is not much info on the net about the baskets or the quality of the shot. Please let us know your results, it will be a big help.

    • Frank says:

      Nick, how did the Krups basket work out?
      Which one do you like best?

  3. Dan says:

    I just bought an EC155 and a Terry’s Tamper, but the tamper is only 1 7/8″ diameter on the short side, while I measure the inside of the basket at about 2 1/8″. The problem is, I can’t seem to find any articles about tamping on this basket that give real dimensions – the Terry’s description calls it a 2″ diameter. Your measurement of 52mm is close to mine of 53mm – have you found a better tamper? I’m hesitant to spend $20 or more on a 53mm tamper and have it not fit, or on a 52mm tamper and have grounds loose on the side (as I do now, even after trying to get the sides all pressed.) Any guidance would be appreciated, especially since it looks like you’re the kind of guy who’d have a caliper handy, even if you haven’t bought a new tamper.

  4. Mike says:

    I bought a 52mm tamper from and it fits nicely. I measured my basket with a caliper and it was about 52.5mm so I assumed 53mm would be too large. I have not measured the actual diameter of the tamper.

    Here is a guide someone put together – it recommends 52mm:

    • Mike Papadopoulos says:

      This tamper looks like it would be perfect for me and my EC155. However, a quick question or two before biting the bullet on it: After having owned it a few months, would you say it’s a good tamper and worth the money? Also, did you go with the flat or convex tamper? Thanks for your time!

    • Mike says:

      I haven’t been here in a while. I am very satisfied with the 52 mm tamper from Coffee Compliments – I think it’s very nice for the money. I bought the flat one.

  5. androidmert says:

    Well, 606348 arrived and to be honest I’m not satisfied. For some reason I do not get enough crema and overall the taste is not good. Also after I remove the portafilter the basket gets stuck b/c the it does not have the notches like the original ones that came with the machine. I will take some pics/video and post it somewhere probably next week.
    Anyone seen this guy?

    • lbguy says:

      Yeah those videos are ridiculous. It looks like he’s pouring a shot of Guinness. I have been searching for some solid information on these baskets. I took out the plastic disc on the EC155 basket to de-pressurize it, and get results similar to your 606348 basket. Thanks for saving me from buying that basket. I was just about to pull the trigger on it. I will post any helpful info i come across.

    • Jeremy M says:

      From what I see plus what that guy said, I’m almost sure that this guy is using the 607706 filter basket. It’s too big for a standard levelled double, but if you’re measuring with something else (like a digital scale), then it shouldn’t matter. But big picture, I really don’t think that there’s going to be much difference in crema between naked baskets. I suppose it’s possible that the unpressurized standard basket might have some effect, but honestly I doubt it.

      So how does this guy get this crema? In my opinion I think it’s mainly just the coffee he’s using. I’ve seen some other good-looking videos using Costa Rica, as well as the Kenya AA.

  6. lbguy says:

    Nick –

    Where did you find the Krups MS-090716 basket? I have been looking to order one, but nothing comes up on Google..

  7. lbguy says:

    Jeremy I think your right. I just unpressurized my stock double shot basket (removed all the plastic crap) and picked up a kenya / java blend from my local roaster. The beans were roasted 5 day ago. I ground the beans in a Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder, and poured a double shot. This provided the same results as the video androidmert posted. As the shot glass filled it was about 40% espresso 60% crema. The crema dissolved rather quickly to leave a nice 1/2 inch or so head. Im not a big fan of the taste of the Kenya blend i picked up; it has a kid of grassy taste, but the pour results are what i was after. I will pick up some Costa Rican next times and post the result. I hoping for the same pour better taste.

  8. Mattias says:

    For those looking for baskets, see
    They have both the delonghi baskets and this krupps basket which might be the right one (I just ordered one and will report back when it comes in)

    • Joseph says:

      How did it go Mattias? I’m eager to know.

    • Frank says:

      Did you have any luck with the new basket?
      Which one works best?

    • richard says:

      so i purchased the same one.

      for people that still want to know, turns out the one on the website only has 1 tiny pinhole on the bottom (outlet) of the basket. i don’t think it’s the right one people are looking for (with many little holes on the bottom)

  9. I would describe my experience with the espresso machine, so far as is possible after 4 weeks.
    As a starter machine for the price is the article for me ok.Die handling is not kopliziert.
    So far we have only prepared coffee, it tastes very good to us, which is a personal opinion.
    The froth was not tried and can not therefore be assessed.

  10. Joseph says:

    I have my machine for two months. I tried to modify it. Cut the black bottom of the basket. Get La Spaziale Portafilter 14 grams double shot (I jsut ordered it but it won’t fit)…Although I managed to fit in my basket, I went thru a lot of sanding and force fitting. The shot came up good ofcourse.

    The only problem is the steaming wand. It’s just too damn short. No latte art because there is not much microfoam. I sometimes think of going back with the plastic wand (modified..cut the skirt look) because it produces more foam (mili not micro).

    What I would like to try is the Hong Kong wand extension. How come Hong Kong has it but not in US? I wonder if I can make something like that out of a stainless rod, make the rod a tube by drilling…make a thread in the inside of one side to join with the steaming wand…sand to make it a cone-like shape and drill a 1/16 hole on the tip.

    Or…I can bend the steaming wand and re-align it.

  11. David says:

    There is definitely a major error in this article. The Delonghi EC155 uses a 52mm tamper, but the link you posted to the RSVP tamper is only 50mm. This tamper will not work properly with this machine.

    Also, I have never seen anyone from recommend the RSVP tamper for this machine.

    • A lot of people have had success with the RSVP tamper, but it is slightly small for the basket. It is important to note that the EC155 baskets do not have a constant diameter, rather they are tapered so that the bottom of the basket is more narrow than the top. I’ll add in a note to the article about the diameter not matching perfectly.

      Have you had any success with a particular tamper? Thanks for your input!

  12. Haslem says:

    Hi. just got into unpressurised things. 1. Does the filter delonghi 606348 capacity about the same as the stock filter? ( with pressuriser in place), 2. Will the krups filter mentioned fits perfectly in the portafilter? unlike delonghi 607706 which needs some modding (sawing/filing) the screw part inside.

  13. loboestep says:

    Hi, I have a Delongui EC 145 (, looks very similar to the EC 155. It has depressurized filter…

    You know it the basket are interchangeable..?

    Thank you.

    Bes regards: Juan

  14. Daniel says:

    I gave the acorn nut steam wand mod a shot and it didn’t really work for me. The end result is just too short for me. If anyone else is curious, i have a pic of the nut and its packaging here.

    • Looks like the same nut I used. It was a bit short, but I was able to tilt my pitcher and make it work. It wasn’t optimal, but it was sure better than the stock frothing wand!

  15. mikey basura says:

    I Have a ec220 which has the same steam wand as ec155 and have a very cheap mod to improve the steam wand so you can get excellent microfoam. Heres what i used:

    1 x 0.9mm Binzel welding tip m6 thread ( )
    1 x M6 stud connector ( )
    A small amount of PTFE thread seal tape (any hardware store stock this £2 approx)

    screw together the welding tip and stud connector, remember to wrap the thread with some PTFE tape so it does not leak steam. Then unscrew the plastic steamwand on your ec220 or 155 and discard it.
    On the steam pipe, wrap the thread with PTFE and screw on your stud connector with binzel tip and your ready to make microfoam

    It works great and if you go to a decent hardware store you can pick the parts up for under £3, I made 5 of these for £5

  16. Ian says:

    Not sure what everyone is talking about but the 607706 most certainly does not work with the current model of the Delonghi ec155.

    The screw assembly that keeps the bottom plastic portion of the portafilter is in the way and prevents use.

  17. Amer Ba shaaib says:

    Hello guys .. which tamper base do I need for the portafilter of Delonghi EC 155 .

    thanks .

  18. Kendall Rummell says:

    I used a rancillio Sylvia steam wand that I bought from . I followed the instructions on Kenneth Ballards blog, and it worked incredibly well. I replaced the pressurized basket with a la pavoni basket. For this to work I just had to flatten the edge of the basket. I also used a dremmal to cut of the metal part that holds the screw on the front of the portafilter as well as the plastic part on the front of the portafilter to make it completely bottomless! Great machine once the mods are done!

  19. RevJoel says:

    Are there any 1-piece bottomless portafilter handles available that fit the EC155? Tired of dealing with the ridiculous flip handle as it makes it hard to knock the coffee out without the basket falling out.

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