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 For project updates, visit [[|]] For project updates, visit [[|]]
-[[luma:products|Luma Nodes]]+Luma is a series of RS485-addressable high-power LED drivers. These drivers can be daisy-chained together with ethernet cable to form a lighting network similar to DMX at a very low cost. A Luma network can communicate with a computer using our [[luma:adapter|RS485 adapter]] or can be controlled by a music input with our [[luma:controller|hardware controller]].
-[[luma:adapter|RS485 Adapter]] +  * [[luma:products|Luma Nodes]] 
- +  * [[luma:adapter|RS485 Adapter]] 
-[[luma:protocol|Serial Protocol]] +  [[luma:protocol|Serial Protocol]] 
- +  [[luma:controller|Hardware Controller]]
-[[luma:controller|Hardware Controller]]+
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