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Luma Nodes

Luma nodes are serially-addressable high-power RGBW lights. They are networked on a RS485 bus, so modules can easily be daisy-chained and controlled.

Current Models


Current model with onboard 1 10W RGBW LED and integrated heatsink.


Current model with 3 onboard 10W RGBW LEDs and integrated heatsink.


Current model for driving high-power RGB LED strips

Obsolete Models


Initial 10W RGBW LED model with RJ45 and screw terminal connectors mounted on the top of the board (current models have these components on the bottom). This model adds 4 constant-current buck drivers for each LED channel, an on-board led, an on-board heatsink, a temperature sensor, and a crystal for clocking at 16MHz.


Luma board with an off-board LED driven with discrete transistors and surface-mount current-limiting resistors. This model adds reverse voltage protection, a transistor-controlled fan output, and better heat dissipation for current-limiting resistors.


The first Luma board to communicate over RS485. Uses current-limiting resistors and transistors to drive an off-board LED.


Intial Luma prototype, also known as TinyRGB. Communication over I2C using Cyz_RGB, an alternate firmware for BlinkM modules.

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